How to join us in

What to expect

Join Abandon Normal Devices on Gather for AND Festival 2021. Using an avatar in a playful computer game-like environment, you are invited to wander through our virtual opening lounge, to meet and converse with fellow festival goers, artists and the AND team. 

In Gather, guests can drop in at any time during the session and are welcome to navigate the space in their own time. The session will be open from 6pm. You are then free to explore the space and meet some of the AND team (identifiable by AND in their name) to ask questions. 

4 Steps to Enter:

  1. Go to  (on laptop or desktop only – Chrome, Firefox, Desktop Safari). The event space will be accessible from the event start time above. Password: rivermersey
  2. Enter your name and pronouns (if you feel comfortable to do so) and choose your avatar
  3. Allow sound and camera permissions then press ‘Join the Gathering’
  4. Skip tutorial and then you have joined the event

Basic Functions in the Space

  • When you enter the room use your keyboard arrow keys to move around the space
  • Use doorways and portals to move between rooms
  • When you stand close to someone you can interact. You will automatically see and hear each other via your computer’s microphone, speakers and camera
  • Use X on your keyboard to ‘activate’ objects such as screens. To close this content, use the X in the top right hand corner of the Gather window 
  • You can locate or follow someone by clicking on their name in the attendee list and ‘locate on map’ or ‘follow’
  • You will be able to chat with fellow visitors privately by clicking on their name and using the text chat function

About Gather

Gather is a free ‘proximity’ video-calling platform accessible through a web browser at It allows participants to move through digital spaces freely, walk in and out of conversations easily, and interact with content in the space.

Access information 

Please get in touch to let us know if there is something you need to be able to participate in this event, by emailing Sophia Luk at  

The Follow Feature may be helpful for those with visual access needs, which allows participants to follow another person to explore the space.

The chat function may be helpful for those with audio access needs. Please ask for a conversation over text chat with an AND host if you prefer. AND staff will also be happy to use the chat function for conversations. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to subtitle interactions on Gather.

You can find further technical support on Gather’s help page. If you have any problems throughout the event, the AND team would be happy to help. Simply use the Gather chat function, or contact Tadeo Lopez-Sendon (07511 975 042) or Sophia Luk (07771 359 740).


We commit to holding this event in a welcoming and safe digital space. Please read our code of conduct and event practices before joining: 

  • When setting your name upon joining, please include your pronouns if you are comfortable to do so
  • When introducing yourself, provide an audio described introduction – this is a short factual description of yourself
  • Describe any visual content and images where possible