Artists Residency

Residency - The Black Tent & the Loft

Bureau have design an artists studio and residency space in one of the five caravans, the Black Tent & Loft.

Two icons of architectural history are literally juxtaposed: the tent and the loft. The tent refers to a Semperian approach of textile architecture. Ephemeral, technical and essential, the tent is one of the first architectures of humanity and one of the most efficient ones when it comes to extreme living conditions. The black tent uses another layer of complexity when transforming the textile material into a solid one. The dialogue is made through the culture of follies of the 18th century (particularly present in the rich culture of garden and landscape architecture in England).

The loft is a sarcastic vision of what a the loft culture of the 70’shas become. From the large industrial warehouse spaces occupied by art communities in the US, the gentrification of everything has only left us with one possibility. To “loft” one of the only available spaces today, that of a travel trailer. It is therefore envisaged as a free working space, capable of welcoming any kind of activities.

The superposition of both the tent and the loft is like a diagrammatic historical view of these two important forms of living.

The Travelling Screen - Charles-Emile Raynaud with optical Theater representation
Image of Laugier’s first primitive hut