Helicar & Lewis Boracasting from Caravavideo

Cravavideo is a new commission by Hellicar & Lewis are interested in the idea of creating systems instead of narratives. Systems that create feedback loops. Systems that when interacted with, create narratives for the participants.

Caravideo is an installation, studio and live broadcast space. Once connected to the internet, Caravideo will broadcast a live video stream throughout the Mobile Republic tour.

Caravideo will become a studio environment where artists and members of the public can participate in live broadcast workshops and experiments.

Caravideo will be reminiscent of an analogue film broadcast studio, yet immerse you in a live digital experience.

Caravideo will serve as a documentation machine for other artists, caravans and the daily life of Mobile Republic.

Hellicar & Lewis will collaborate with Abandon Normal Devices and the Mobile Republic artists to carry out a live broadcast schedule where members of the public will be able to participate.

Caravideo - Mobile Republic Broadcast Centre
Caravideo – Mobile Republic Broadcast Centre by Helicar & Lewis