WetLab: Dialogues #2

WetLab is a floating laboratory created by public works and Assembly which uses the canal network as a site as well as a subject. WetLab is a space where creative minds including artists, architects, scientists and engineers invite the public to come and explore the ecology of the waterways and together envisage potential future uses for the canal in their local area. The canal-based pavilion, designed by critical design practice public works, is on tour to sites in Burnley and Leigh after its launch in June at the National Waterways Museum for AND Festival 2021.

This video series Dialogues explores some of the learning, techniques and future-facing ideas around sustainability that underpin WetLab. In Dialogues #2, we visit the second touring site of WetLab, Reedley Marina in Burnley and get a taster of what activities, workshops and collective feasting unfolded across the weekend 15 – 18 July 2021. Attempting to reflect the past, present and future of this stretch of the canal, WetLab looked at the “Fibres of Things” and what holds spaces and communities together.