We Dwell Below

We Dwell Below is a multi-user virtual reality experience that invites participants to explore the underground as a cave-dweller, using a custom made chewing device attached to a headset to ‘eat’ their way through the various layers of strata. Once participants are adorned in their custom-made costumes, their journey through the rendered geological landscape begins, awaiting their fellow participants to join them in the VR world and make the leap into the virtual cave mouth. IRL the next participants wait expectantly, eager to take their turn as they watch this hilarious, fun-filled vertical trip from the sidelines. Playful graphics, evocative soundscape and intuitive controls provide an amazing sense of immersion, and a unique VR experience. We Dwell Below has continued its journey by touring in the UK and the US, including the Guggenheim. 

We Dwell Below is an Abandon Normal Devices commission, co-produced with Ooni Studio. Concept and direction by Laura Juo-Hsin Chen with feature music by Ka Baird. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

About the artist:

Ooni is a virtual reality (VR) label with a focus in the fields of Visual Arts, Music and Architecture based in New York, USA.

Laura Juo-Hsin Chen is an interaction designer, programmer and doodler from Taipei, Taiwan and a developer at Ooni. Laura is interested in weird human interactions and the impact of them on the subconscious and has previously worked on Daily Life VR with Useless Press, a WebVR series about life’s most basic and essential pursuits.

If you’d like to know more about how you can hire We Dwell Below, please contact our Programme Producer Louise Hargreaves on louise@andfestival.org.uk

We Dwell Below Touring Images

We Dwell Below was originally part of AND Festival 2017, under the programme strand Dis-Location.