Originally formatted in 2008, AUDINT currently consists of Eleni Ikoniadou, Patrick Defasten, Toby Heys, Steve Goodman and Souzanna Zamfe.

Having been individually drafted into the research cell by IREX2, over the past eight years they have been collectively researching the weaponization of vibration; developing cartography of liminal waveform perception (unsound); and investigating the ways in which frequencies are utilised to modulate our understanding of presence/non-presence, entertainment/torture, and, ultimately, life/death. The information garnered from these activities is subsequently utilised to produce audio recordings, computer software, art installations, performances, books, and films.

Featuring texts from 32 contributors, AUDINT’s anthology, Unsound: Undead, was published in 2018. The book listens to how disparate cultures deploy frequencies to channel and populate the Interzone between life and death.