Undercurrency Vault: 53.3414° N, 1.7921° W \ AUDINT (2017)

Undercurrency Vault: 53.3414° N, 1.7921° W  was a performative journey underground that wove together subterranean, sonic, and somatic histories. Experienced as a multi-sensory tour through the “bottomless pit” of the spectacular Speedwell Cavern took your breath away.

Throughout history architectures of the underground have often been sites of extreme psychological and physical trauma. Whether in the bomb shelters of London Tube Stations during WWII, the Viet Cong’s Củ Chi tunnels, or the Catacombs of Paris, these unspoken moments of pain and suffering have been interred with the past.

Members of the public were invited to take a tour of Speedwell Cavern wearing SUBPAC’s (haptic devices that are worn on the back and allow the user to feel sub 20Hz frequencies down the spinal column). They were given lozenges that simulate ‘the taste of fear’ – created by Stockport experience-driven restaurant, Where The Light Gets In – replicates the metallic taste of adrenalin, often associated with the taste that occurs in the mouth when one is frightened.

Descend into the depths, unearth these forsaken histories, and leave your own horrors behind.


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