AND Hack #1: Lightning Talks

Tue 15 Jul 2014

We invited a range of speakers from across the UK and beyond to introduce, inspire and share their industry insights with us for our #filmdatahack. 

Below are the audio versions of their talks, covering everything from torrenting trends, open data politics and pop-up cinema maps, to the intricacies of predicting what devices people will be using to watch films in the future.

For a deeper peek into their backgrounds, interests and individual areas of expertise, check out our biography post here.

Julian Tait
Co-Founder, Open Data Manchester.
TALK: Open Data Culture

julianAnthony Thornton
Head of Digital Content, British Film Institute
TALK: Viewing Trends & Data (BFI Player)

Nicolas Maigret
Sound and Media Artist, creator of the Pirate Cinema
TALK: Your Best Entertainment Value

pcmapDeborah Parker
Managing Director, British Federation of Film Societies
TALK: Volunteer Film Exhibition

Michael Pierce
Co-Founder of Cinema Nation and Scalarama
TALK: Pop Up Cinema & Hierarchy Change

Jamie King
Founder of VODO
TALK: Boutique Curation

Chris Dennis
Digital Marketing Manager, Entertainment One UK
TALK: Re-Start

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