Live Blog #1: Disrupting Business

Fri 04 Oct 2013

AND in actionPictured: Tatiana Bazzichelli, Disruptive Loop Diagram, 2011

We’re blogging live from the AND Hub, which is our pop up venue for screenings, talks and public showcases. Join us in person from 3pm or follow the conversation via CoverItLive (see below).

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This afternoon: Disrupting Business

This talk will bring together media hacktavist / venture communist Jeff Mann from Telekommunisten and curator Geoff Cox to discuss their intervention into online business.

Jeff Mann is a Canadian artist and technologist, living in Berlin, and one part of Telekommunisten. He’s here at AND 2013  to premiere and talk about our new online commission Miscommunication Station.

Geoff Cox is Associate Professor in the Dept. of Aesthetics and Communication, and Participatory IT Research Centre , Aarhus University (DK). He is also an occasional artist, Associate Curator of Online Projects for Arnolfini, and part of the self-institution Museum of Ordure.

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