Live Blog #3: The Future of Transport

Sat 05 Oct 2013

We’re blogging live from the AND Hub this afternoon, which is our pop up venue for screenings, talks and public showcases. Join us in person from 4pm or follow the conversation via CoverItLive (see below).

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This afternoon: The Future of Transport 

Chaired by Rob la Frenais, from the Arts Catalyst, speakers Los Ferronautas and Ellie Harrison will be discussing exploration, infrastructure, nationalisation and the future of our rail networks.

Ivan Puig & Andres Padilla Domene are Lost Ferronautas, the artists behind SEFT-1. They have been exploring the waterways of the Uk and getting their “Manned Railway Exploration Probe” ready for exhibition at AND.

Ellie Harrision is behind the campaign Bring Back British Rail, and has been striving since 2009 to re-popularise the idea of nationalising Britain’s railways.

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