Estroworld Now: The Quarantine Edition \\ Mary Maggic

Digital collage of ecommerce items and the word estroworld


Join the colonization today!

From the make-up, soaps and birth control pills in your bathroom to plastic packaging in your kitchen, beauty, hygiene and lifestyle products in the average home cater to a consumerist culture driven by ideals of beauty, sterility, and purity. In actuality, these everyday items leach a multitude of pervasive chemicals that wend their way through our bodies, environments and urban systems, disrupting hormones of all species and causing ecological threat to our landscapes. Obscured to us by their size, and by the conglomerates who lay havoc on the earth who sell us these products, micro-polluting chemicals are part of multiple layers of molecular colonization that govern, control and exploit—economically and biologically— the planet in a collective mutation.

Estroworld Now: The Quarantine Edition invites users to navigate 3D model renderings of the interior of an actual suburban home in the North West of England. The work is part of ‘The Estroworld’, a fictional corporate conglomerate of petrochemical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries whose products and molecular residues are simply inescapable. In The Quarantine Edition, visitors are confronted with an overpopulation of Estroworld products, pop ups, and derivative company slogans, that promise to either shield or distract us from our current state of planetary ruin. Are we all already living in The Estroworld? How political is your shampoo?

Creative technology consultancy by Preverbal Studio, Tim Murray-Browne and Alex Futtersak. With special thanks to Alexandra Levene.

Estroworld Now: The Quarantine Edition is part of the online exhibition Toxicity’s Reach, commissioned and produced by Abandon Normal Devices, curated by Dani Admiss. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and Creative Industries Fund Netherlands.