AND Festival Talks and Workshops (2011)

Dead Drops
Dead Drops was an anonymous, offline, peer-to-peer file-sharing network for public spaces, incorporating USB drives embedded into walls, buildings and curbs where anyone can use them. During September 2011 AND initiated ‘dead drop days’ across the region, starting with a specially created AND Festival brochure for participants to download and keep.

The Game of Life
Founded in 1975 by a mere dozen people, Damanhur is an Alpine ‘laboratory for the future’ that has grown into a community of over a thousand strong. The aims of its residents, known as Damanhurians, are various: recovery of ancient traditions, advanced technological research, experiments in art and social relations, the search for a sustainable form of development, and the development of new political and economic systems. For The Game of Life a group of Damanhurians led an informal discussion on their ‘collective dream’ and how they hope it can contribute to the growth of humanity as a whole.

Citizen X, Heath Bunting
Participants acquired some solid assets, a weapon and an exit strategy in this workshop to prepare all for the final stages of the Bankster-generated economic collapse. Don’t be content with rioting and looting! To help with their escape, participants of Citizen X were provided with some useful maps and a new off-the-shelf identity.

Pigs Bladder Hands on Workshop
An organic football boutique in Liverpool to learn more or get hands-on with the bladders themselves, part of a series of events related to Pigs Bladder Football by John O’Shea.

Media2012 & ScraperWiki \ Hacks and Hackers
Scraperwiki is that tool, an online platform that by helping to gather and sort data can help journalists, researchers or even curious citizens better understand the issues of the day. This workshop acted as an introduction to ‘scraping’ and focused on the forthcoming Olympic Games.

Artists Talks
Brody Condon expanded on his interest in the human potential movement of the 1960s and 70s. He was joined by two games designers who have helped LevelFive, Bjarke Pedersen and Tobias Wrigstad.

Paulo Cirio of Transparent Cities talked about how networked media can be a powerful tool for ‘watching the watchmen’. Find out the meaning if sousveillance and how society ha come to resemble a ‘panopticon’, a kind of prison where we the inmates are under scrutiny at all times.