Keep it Slick / The Yes Men (2009)

“Over the past decade The Yes Men have fearlessly taken on the world’s biggest corporations and bureaucracies. Infiltrating the elite realm of the influential and the moneyed, cloaked in the sheerest layer of authority–thrift-store suits, quick-print business cards, forged press releases–these social activators urge us to question where ethics belong in our capitalist-driven society.” Curator, Astria Suparak

Considered among the most important political artists of the last decade, The Yes Men are a group of culture-jamming activists who aim to highlight how corporations and governmental organisations often act in dehumanising ways towards the public. Impersonating big corporations in order to publicly humiliate them and providing a public glimpse at the behind the scenes world of business. The below video gives a glipmse of theit “How to be a Yes Man” taht took place during the AND festival 2009.

AND presented the very first UK solo exhibition featuring their costumes, sketches, scripts and research materials for their bold interventions, at the Liverpool John Moores Univeristy in 2009. This exhibition was created in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University, and curated by Astria Suparak, director of Carnegie Mellon University’s Miller Gallery, Pittsburgh.

Yes Men

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