Origami Space Race / Saso Sedlacek (2015)

Flight wasn’t just explored through drones and UAV’s at Grizedale Forest, but through Space aircraft too. Officially the Space Race has arrived in Cumbria and visitors to the festival were able to make their very own airplane outdoors as part of the Origami Space Race.

The Origami Space Race project was an initiative for alternative space program which used contemporary art as a platform for the development and promotion of ecologically based space technologies and its applications on earth. It was a race for the development of the best origami space airplane, with the final goal of initiating an open source space program as an alternative to official space programs.

The project developed from a challenge made to the Japanese Scientist Shinji Suzuki from the University of Tokyo, in 2009  who was the first to launch an origami prototype airplane from International Space Station.Since the Origami Space Airplane’s launch the Space Race has heightened and at Grizedale, the competition began again when we competed for the the best origami space airplane with the final goal of initiating the open source space programme!

Origami Space Race / Saso Sedlacek


The presentation of Origami Space Race at AND Festival 2015 is a co-production with Aksioma (SI) and  was realized in the framework of Masters & Servers, a joint project by Aksioma (SI), Drugo more (HR), Abandon Normal Devices (UK), Link Art Center (IT) and d-i-n-a / The Influencers (ES).





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