Weedweavers \\ New Emergences: Performance

In Weedweavers, the radical Dutch curatorial collective New Emergences present collaborative workshops and a live performance led by artists Angeliki Diakrousi, mariëlle verdijk and Laura Spark.

Gatherings as part of Weedweavers took place in June, where participants, artists and archaeologists came together to share memories and reflections about water, beachcombing and algae explorations. 

This performance will be an hour-long live improvisation using the materials from these Gatherings. Introducing the idea of an algaerithm, Laura, Angeliki and mariëlle collaborate in creating a live algal oracle in which they weave soundbites, spoken word and visuals into an ambiguous, emergent and intuitive narrative.  

This event was broadcast at andfestival.org.uk/live on Friday 9 July. The recording of this performance was available to watch online until Sunday 11 July.

Weedweavers by Angeliki Diakrousi and mariëlle verdijk is commissioned and produced by Abandon Normal Devices, curated by New Emergences. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and Creative Industries Fund Netherlands.

Image: Prof. Gordon T. Taylor, Stony Brook University from Wikimedia Commons