Introduction to AND Festival 2013

03 – 05 October 2013

The AND festival in 2013 invited award winning artists from across the world to join in a celebration of the ‘artistic border-crosser’, artists who traverse roles as diverse as the alchemist, ethnographer, engineer and inventor.

It was because of this, we changed the usual festival format to create a live laboratory featuring the making of projects and prototypes and inviting audiences to test and contribute to their evolution, like an industrial fable, you were asked to imagine a paradoxical future.

Centre stage was the AND fair inspired by the grand public expositions of yore, we welcomed hackers, makers, technologists and subversives to toy with everything from optical machines to vehicular probes. This offline sharing network featured counter surveillance portraits, extinct foods and it offered a unique opportunity for audiences to get up close and personal with projects that brought emerging and primitive forms of technology together. It included contributions from Adam Harvey, Philip Ronnenberg, Kasia Molga and SEFT (to name but a few!).

‘Ateliers’ were lead by interactive designers, Marshmallow Laser Feast, visual artist Jesse Darling, alchemist Adam Brown and critical engineers Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev and we premiered From by Aleksandra Domanovic, which told the important story of top-level Internet domain for Yugoslavia.yu and the two female scientists who administered it.

AND Festival 2013 team members were:
Gabrielle Jenks
Ruth McCullough
Catherine Waddington
Nick Holloway
Ellie Overs
Lou Hargreaves
Florence Dent
Becky Mulvaney
Team at FACT

Event info:

  • Thu 3rd — Sat 5th Oct 2013

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