I̶n̛t͘e͟rf̕e̢ren̵ce Virtual Reality FAQ’s

I̶n̛t͘e͟rf̕e̢ren̵ce is a VR experience designed for one person to experience at any one time. 


How long is the experience? 

The entire experience is expected to last 10 minutes, with around approx. 5 minutes spent in the virtual reality environment. At busy times, there will be a short queue before you begin as this experience will be conducted on a first come, first served basis. 

Where is it?

Bluedot festival at Jodrell Bank Observatory, Macclesfield, in the Mission Control exhibition tent. If you have any additional access needs that relate to getting on or off the site itself, please contact Bluedot via their access page. https://www.discoverthebluedot.com/info/accessibility

Is it free?

I̶n̛t͘e͟rf̕e̢ren̵ce is being shown part of the bluedot festival programme, and therefore you will need a ticket to enter the site. Tickets can be found on their website. The experience itself will be free once on the bluedot site.

Why is the age limit 10+?

Due to the size of the VR headsets you will be required to wear, we recommend that all participants be a minimum of 48 inches (1.2m) tall, and at least 10 years of age or older to visit. Adult supervision for under 18’s is required at all times. 

Can I participate if I’m pregnant? 

Participation is not recommended if you are pregnant or medically unfit. If you do participate then please you do so at your own risk.

I have a pacemaker, is it safe for me to participate? 

We do not use any technology which should interfere with pacemakers. 

Can I wear my glasses? 

The headsets we use allow you to change the fit between your lenses and face, so you can wear your glasses during the experience. Please don’t hesitate to ask our team for assistance in adjusting your headset prior to the experience beginning. 

I’m hard of hearing or partially sighted, should I take part? 

There are no voiceover elements within the experience. A large print version of instructions will be available prior to entering the VR environment. 

Can I take part if I suffer from motion sickness?

If you suffer motion sickness, we do not recommend you take part. However, if you’d like to remove the headset at any time during the experience, please alert the team and we will assist. 

Is strobe lighting, smoke or haze used as part of the experience? 

No strobes, smoke or haze used in the experience.

If you have any more questions prior to visiting the bluedot festival site, contact us on hello@andfestival.org.uk