Artist Talks \\ Resurface \\ Every Sunday

Resurface is a space for questioning our collective futures, through a series of case studies and dialogues on future ecologies of art and new cinema, looking at how we work together to reshape the future of art.

The Resurface programme:

Abandon Normal Gathering with AND artists and team

Suzanne Dhaliwal | Watch back in the library

Coming up:

Sun 13 June | Countercontrol – A reading group with Black Swan  | Reserve your place 

Sun 20 June | Hypericum: A Code of Practice | Add this event to your calendar

Sun 27 June | THE WORLD HAS CHANGED: YOU WILL BE JUDGED | Add this event to your calendar

Sun 4 July | Sustaining Uncertainty with Siddharth Khajuria | Add this event to your calendar

The Resurface programme takes place online and is free to attend. Capacity is limited for some of these events where you will need to book a ticket to be part of the discussion. For those who prefer to watch and listen along, we will be streaming these conversations via our Live Channel

This is one of two talks programmes taking place online during the festival. Focusing on both immediate and global environments, the programme will offer a multi-perspectival approach to production and exhibition. How can we radically shift conflicts of digital and natural experiences? Does NFT mining have to rely on fossil fuel mining? What role do festivals and institutions have in creating greener production practices?

Tune in every Sunday, 6pm at Each talk will be available after broadcast, to listen to until Sunday 11 July. And tune in every Thursday for our talks series, Deeper.