Artist Talks \\ Deeper

Deeper was a series of in-depth conversations with artists presenting work elsewhere within the festival, about their ways of thinking and making. It was a weekly moment to delve beyond the surface of the AND Festival 2021 programme. 

The Deeper programme | Watch back in the library

One-Fifth of the Earth’s Surface, with Hakeem Adam and Maxwell Mutanda 

Toxicity’s Reach, with Dani Admiss 

WetLab, with public works and Assembly

Thu 17 June | Weedweavers, with New Emergences

Thu 24 June | The Blue Violet River, with Anita Fontaine 

Thu 1 July | Radio Ensemble, with Ignatia Nilu

Thu 8 July | By The Sound Of Things, with Kate Davies

This was one of two talks programmes taking place online during the festival. Focusing on both immediate and global environments, the programme offered a multi-perspectival approach to production and exhibition. How can we radically shift conflicts of digital and natural experiences? Does NFT mining have to rely on fossil fuel mining? What role do festivals and institutions have in creating greener production practices?