Deeper: Weedweavers \\ New Emergences

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This broadcast conversation will be followed by a live text Q&A and we invite you to ask questions via YouTube Chat, available on our Live Channel.

In this edition of Deeper, radical Dutch collective New Emergences discuss their work amplifying voices underrepresented within digital media culture, electronic music and sound art. Curators Semay Wu and Mariette Groot (New Emergences) speak with Angeliki Diakrousi and mariëlle verdijk about their individual practices and coming together to reflect on shared storytelling and mythology as ways of organising to offer different perspectives on sea and ports.

The New Emergences Foundation is a Netherlands based platform for amplifying voices underrepresented within digital media culture, electronic music, and sound art. They work towards the acknowledgement, presence and inclusion of women, LGBTQIA+, disabled communities, and people of all other ethnic groups combined.

This talk is part of Deeper, a series of in-depth conversations with artists presenting work elsewhere within the festival, offering a weekly moment to delve beyond the surface of the AND Festival 2021 programme. Tune in every Thursday, 7pm at Each talk will be available to listen to throughout the festival, until Sunday 11 July. And tune in every Sunday for our conversation series, Resurface.