Drone Toolkit

After the successful showcase of the Project Daedalus Toolkit on July 22 2015 an Somerset House, London, you can now access the Project Daedalus Toolkit  online. Project Daedalus’ year long research into using drones in the arts culminated into a toolkit, which will help artists, curators, and producers to realize projects that use and interrogate drones (also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, and quadcopters) for creative purposes.

Here you’ll find a Quick Start guide to understanding drone types and uses; an Inspire Me area with case studies and examples of drone art in action; a History & Context area featuring examples of drones throughout history and in sci-fi, as well as insights into current drone development and inclusivity; and a Creative Production area with technical and legal information to help you produce and evaluate your own drone art projects.


In October 2014 Abandon Normal Devices came together with Marshmallow Laser Feast and the University of Salford to embark on a research project, titled Project Daedalus. The project looks at the emerging field of “drone cinema”. This research is an exciting opportunity to repurpose drones for creative control, creating multi-user experiences and new audience environments. We are testing non-linear storytelling and interactive environments where audiences can engage remotely as well as share and create content in new ways.