AND Festival 2021

This year's edition of AND Festival took place online, on docklands and on the water from Thursday 27 May - Sunday 11 July 2021. Radical artists, critical thinkers and curious audiences - local and remote - traced the entangled flows of shipping routes, oil refineries, chemical industries, recycling plants and energy systems from these ports, and unearthed environmental impacts on our ways of living. Explore talks, performance and more from the AND Festival 2021 programme on our video channel.

Explore: Online Exhibitions


In one of the most technically ambitious commissions we’ve completed, Anita Fontaine’s immersive augmented reality (AR) experience combined psychedelic visuals, ritualistic choreography…

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The Blue Violet River: Documentation

Thu 22 Jul 2021

Our online programme for AND Festival 2021 traversed borders, oceans and format, platforming rich conversations through interactive gameplay, round table discussions, film…

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Staff picks: the online programme

Wed 21 Jul 2021

As AND Festival closes, Creative Director Luke W Moody, reflects on this year’s programme which emerged online, on docks and on waterways…

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As the River Meets The Ocean

Thu 15 Jul 2021

AND's Annual Programme


COSMOS is a collaboration with The University of Manchester’s Jodrell Bank Observatory and bluedot festival, that launched in July 2017. Scheduled to take place each summer, COSMOS invites an international artist to create a new audio-visual work developed for, and to be projected onto, the iconic Lovell Telescope.

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Inspired by Oblique Strategies, Abandon Normal Strategies is a series of card prompts to overcome creative blocks; an alternative approach to thinking and unexpected courses of action.

Inspired by Oblique Strategies, a series of card prompts to overcome creative blocks, Abandon Normal Devices has invited AND artists from the last decade to devise a new collection of strategies reflecting on our altered world and the way we are now required to exist and behave.

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Abandon Normal Strategies

Abandon Normal Devices over the years has established a programme of research through practice and participation focusing on the areas of New…

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What's On: WetLab on tour

This floating laboratory created by public works and Assembly uses the canal network as site as well as subject. A space where creative minds come together to explore the biological and social ecology of the waterways, and together envisage potential future uses for the canal in your local area. Launched at the National Waterways Museum in Cheshire for AND Festival 2021, the canal-based pavilion is now touring sites in Burnley and Leigh.