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AND Festival 2017


This year we launched COSMOS a flagship international artists commission and residency for Lovell Telescope. This enabled artists to spend time at Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics and work with researchers and scientists to experiment with the data collected by the telescope. Here they gained a new perspective on the observatory's research and visualised knowledge gathered about deep space.


As the weeks unfold after Abandon Normal Devices Festival, 2017 we have collected some key images mapping different aspects of the festival…


AND Festival 2017 Wrap-up: It is an Unknown World

Tue 17 Oct 2017

‘‘The world is suffering from a dark and silent phenomenon known as ‘digital decay’ – anything stored in computerized form is vulnerable…


Digital Dark Ages: Speculations on Digital Decay by Patrizia Costantin

Sun 17 Sep 2017

Beatrice Dillon is a producer and composer based in London, with a series of critically-acclaimed solo, collaborative and remix works on labels…


Beatrice Dillon & the Marrison Loop

Tue 12 Sep 2017

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