Resurface: Sustaining Uncertainty

In Sustaining Uncertainty, we’re asking how to nurture and protect space for the unknown within arts institutions. How do we exist within, and subvert, models of production that often require predictability and classification? How do we resist the ‘flattening’ of identities which can so often happen in organisational settings? And how do we navigate the tensions between the uncertainty (and chaos) of our real lives and collaborations with the demands and constraints of cultural production? Cultural practitioners Razia Jordan, Jonathan May and Penny Rafferty join Siddharth Khajuria in a reflective and open-ended conversation to explore these questions.

Following this conversation, the panel will reconnect in a live discussion with AND’s Creative Director Luke Moody, where you’ll be able to use the YouTube chat to pose questions, share your own experiences of making culture, and curating at the edges of classification.