The AND podcast with New Cinema Days 2023 keynote speaker, Jemma Desai

Wed 28 Jun 2023

Delve into Episode 16 of the Abandon Normal Devices podcast, ‘Yearning for new ways to make and circulate: towards an infrastructure of being longing’. This podcast is a recording of a keynote given by writer, researcher and producer Jemma Desai, as part of our first-ever New Cinema Days in April 2023.

What happens when we use the phenomenology of yearning to appraise our cultural production infrastructure? Not yearning to belong to what we have, but yearning to be longing: to embody a desire for something else?

Instead of envisaging ‘resilient’ systems that re-form, adapt and shift, might we be able to imagine systems of transmutation that can hospice old ways of being, led by new practices of longing?

What new images might appear? How might they circulate differently? In caring for our longing, what might we no longer accept and what might we fight to care for?

Get ready to be inspired as Jemma explores new ways of making and circulating art in our ever-evolving world, and unravels the infrastructure of being longing.

Head to our Substack to listen to the podcast episode plus Jemma’s writing on the content and a list of texts which helped her find her way through the ideas.

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