The Internet Is My Religion

Fri 22 Jul 2011

“There are three pillars to a successful movement: stories, tools and faith” – Jim Gilliam

Jim Gilliam’s inspiring talk The Internet Is My Religion isn’t part of AND Festival 2011, but his ideas on faith do chime with the research we have been doing into belief.

Gilliam worked as producer on several of Robert Greenwald’s films, including war documentary and cult hit Uncovered: The War On Iraq.  He is also creator of Brave New Theaters, a people-powered movie distribution platform that aims to tell stories ignored by the mainstream media.

A survivor of cancer, Gilliam uses The Internet Is My Religion to talk about how connecting with people online helped him get through his illness. He looks at how these connections can create a new kind of faith, and how we all owe our lives to countless people we will never meet.

You can learn more about the Jim at

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