AND HACK#1 – Film Data: For Our Viewing Pleasure (2014)

Our #filmdatahack, the first of three taking place in 2014, shone a light on the unexplored territory of how film data can be used to inform, open and develop our love of cinema. From visualising audience taste to highlighting piracy hotspots, to provocations on spectator needs, hackers were challenged to develop a creative way of illustrating the dataset through making the data interactive or productive.

This hack weekend was a chance to meet fellow cinephiles, data geeks, pirates, designers, dreamers as they came together to use cinemetrics to integrate and envision this emerging landscape. If you were a programmer, developer, coder, or just a lover of movies, this was a challenge for you.

AND Hack #1: Film Data from Abandon Normal Devices on Vimeo.

The weekend was kickstarted with a series of Lightning Talks delivered by professionals, provocateurs and pioneers from across the film industry – each demonstrating their own use and abuse of data from a range of perspectives.

From then on, the hacking commenced, as our five teams worked throughout the afternoon and evening to translate their ideas into online realities. We even had some special datasets for participants to play with, access to which is still available here.

After breakfast the next day, we re-grouped and let the hackers present their work – testing interactive games, yawn detectors and more – as they competed for one of our AND Hack trophies. We were blown-away by how much had been built in such a short space of time; even by hackers with little (or no) technical skills, who had simply arrived with an urge to make something memorable. For a full debrief of all the projects, prizes and award winners, check out our blog post, which gives an insight into both the work produced and the producers.

AND Hack 1

You can catch up on how the weekend progressed by searching for #filmdatahack on Twitter.

Keep an eye out of the rest of our hacks, coming soon!

Supported by Film Hub North West Central, proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network.

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Photo credit: Creative Commons License: Viewing 3D clips IMAX source NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre.