New Cinema Days

Our first seminar and screenings day for New Cinema Days, a public programme for anyone studying or working in experimental and new forms of cinema.

Participants delved into the world of films distribution, asked questions about funding, discovered the latest in emerging technologies and watched films produced by cutting edge technology.

Running Order 

A keynote by renowned programmer, researcher and writer Jemma Desai, focusing on the following theme:

Yearning for new ways to make and circulate: towards an infrastructure of being longing.

What happens when we use the phenomenology of yearning to appraise our cultural production infrastructure? Not yearning to belong to what we have, but yearning to be longing: to embody a desire for something else?
Instead of envisaging ‘resilient’ systems that re-form, adapt and shift, might we be able to imagine systems of transmutation that can hospice old ways of being, led by new practices of longing?
What new images might appear? How might they circulate differently? In caring for our longing, what might we no longer accept and what might we fight to care for?

You can now listen here to the keynote which was produced into Ep. 16 of the AND Podcast.

This was followed by seminars hosted by industry experts on a range of topics including:

No chairs and no walls. What is a cinema building of the future?  Moderated by Lisa Brooke

Who is the audience for new cinema?  Moderated by Maria Palacios Cruz

What are the resources new cinema needs? Who is holding them?
Moderated by Babar Suleman