New Cinema

Abandon Normal Devices specialises in a celebration of live, interactive and outsider cinema. Inviting active redefinition of what cinema can be. This body of research looks at innovations in cinematic tools and developments in film exhibition and distribution and the burgeoning possibilities of networks and the internet.

AND welcomes collaborations with the film industry as well as developers and creative coders who challenge the language of cinema and open up new perspectives, stories and responses from audiences and filmmakers. Looking at everything from real-time experiences, haptic technologies, advances in VR and theoretical responses to the post-cinematic condition.

This research has manifested in exhibitions like the group show Unspooling, which was a major survey show of artists forensically dissecting iconic scenes and critically recycling cinematic history. Plus the AND Hackathon For Your Viewing Pleasure which used data from the film industry to create new platforms and games.

Partners have included: Britdoc, British Film Institute, FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Marshmallow Laser Feast.