Connecting Science

“In the future, life will be mapped genomically, modelled mathematically and predicted financially – ultimately time to end, and the potential for life taking its own course (will be) seriously challenged.” Prof.  John Hunt

Abandon Normal Devices makes connections with a rapidly accelerating research base, working closely with the science sector to develop artists commissions, residencies and experiments. These projects create a reflective space to explore some of the most contentious moral and ethical issues facing society. We work with artists who embrace biological systems, wet biology, bio-architecture, molecular chemistry and other emerging scientific phenomena.

These have included projects like Pigs Bladder Football by John O Shea, which connected craft with the life science industry to cultivate the world’s first bioengineered football; Life on Film, a programme of films curated by Stephen Fortune which looked at documentation of biological life using micro-cinematography to present day data visualisation; The Immortal by Revital Cohen, a kinetic installation which investigated human dependence on electronics and our perception of anatomy as reflected by biomedical engineering. AND also work with Jodrell Bank on the annual art-science residency COSMOS, culminating at bluedot festival. The commission enables artists to collaborate with scientists and researchers, experimenting with data collected by the Lovell Telescope and others, and gain a new perspective on the Jodrell Bank’s research.

Partners include: Forestry Commission, Jodrell Bank, University of Manchester, Canal and River Trust, University of Liverpool, The Arts Catalyst.