During bluedot festival the Lovell Telescope will be receiving radio signals from deep space whilst pointed at the zenith, directly overhead. Wagenknecht’s new artwork, commissioned for COSMOS, will be projected directly onto the structure of the telescope using advanced projection mapping employing point cloud data gathered by LiDAR* scans completed by Arup. This will enable the structure to be projection mapped in real-time and with precision.

Details of the work will be released here shortly. Track our journey at #COSMOS18

Addie Wagenknecht is an Austrian based American artist, her work explores the tension between expression and technology. She seeks to blend conceptual work with forms of hacking and sculpture, and deals primarily with ideas relating pop culture, feminist theory, and hardware. Wagenknecht is the founder of Deep Lab and Chair of the Open Hardware Summit at MIT.

Information on how to buy tickets can be found on the bluedot website.

COSMOS is a flagship international artists commission and residency for Lovell Telescope. Produced by Abandon Normal Devices, commissioned by Jodrell Bank Observatory, Abandon Normal Devices and SHIFT. Supported by the University of Manchester, bluedot, and Arup, and with public funds from Arts Council England and Austrian Cultural Forum. LiDAR* scans of the Lovell Telescope used in the production of COSMOS are provided by Arup.