WetLab: Documentation

Thu 01 Jul 2021

On the weekend of Friday 11 – Sunday 13 June, we welcomed visitors on board WetLab, a floating laboratory created by public works and Assembly for AND Festival 2021. On the Saturday, artists presented a Pennywort Feast with local micro-bakery The Wild Loaf, serving experimental breads and ice creams flavoured with farmed Pennywort, to showcase alternative uses for this often overlooked, invasive canal plant.

For the first stop on WetLab‘s tour, we pondered “what floats on the surface”? From transforming infesting weeds into both combustible biomass fuel and edible matter for delicious meals, to re-forming plastic waste into simple DIY prototypes for alternative floating food growing systems, WetLab is a space for conversation and play amongst artists, architects, scientists, engineers, technologists, cooks and the public. Tour dates across Greater Manchester and Lancashire will be announced soon. You can find out more about WetLab at wet-lab.net.

Find out more about the processes and research behind WetLab in this talk between public works and Assembly, with AND Festival 2021 Artistic Director, Luke Moody:

AND Festival 2021 // WetLab


WetLab by public works + Assembly is commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices and Super Slow Way. Produced by Abandon Normal Devices for AND Festival 2021. Delivered in partnership with Canal & River Trust and Wigan Council. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

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