A photograph of a photograph of Michael as a child, in a white and red jumper running beside a stream in a field with two boys behind him and some houses in the distance.

Dive into a gentle conversation between Scalarama Merseyside‘s Michael Pierce and Monika Rodriguez, exploring their first memories of water for Headwaters: a programme…

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Headwaters: Chapter One – Sources

Fri 11 Jun 2021

“Herein I would fain that you should learn this, too, that when first-bodies are being carried downwards straight through the void by…

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Counterflows: A curatorial statement by Matt Turner

Wed 09 Jun 2021
two ducks on water

Michael Pierce and Monika Rodriguez from Scalarama Merseyside introduce Headwaters: a programme of archival film and conversation curated for AND Festival 2021….

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Headwaters: a prologue by Scalarama Merseyside

Fri 04 Jun 2021