AND Film Programme (2017)

The film programme revealed the earth’s layers, from the drone’s eye view to deep into subterranean fear-inducing bunkers. The programme is a poetic reflection on the verticality of the earth and how this is rendered. It featured a selection of rare archival footage, artist’s film, VR and digital reconstruction techniques from archaeologists Dr Alice Watterson and Kieran Baxter. We also showed some little known classics from Werner Herzog and Busby Berkeley, moving image artists Pierre Bismuth, Emma Charles and Hito Steyerl, and forensic analysis from Laura Poitras, Henrik Moltke and Josh Begley. We took you onto a journey from satellite imagery to the wild underground.

From All Around with Everything

– From Space with The View From Above

— From the Sky with  The White Diamond

—- In mid air with Freefall 

—– Vertical Living from the High Rise

—— In motion through Elevator Pitch

——– On the ground with Where is Rocky II?

———– Breaking the earth with Rare Minerals

————— Visualising the underground with  We Dwell Below.

——————– Sensory deprivation in the caves with Movie Spelunker

——————————- Burying the past with Walk in Fukishima

The Film programme is supported by BFI Film Hub North.

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