Free & Family Friendly

If you are browsing the festival programme and looking for appropriate events for friends and family, then there is plenty on offer for free flier's, mini explorers and movie spelunkers.

For the Free Flier’s begin with our augmented reality exhibition My Wall is Your Filter Bubble, feast on a virtual campfire with We Dwell Below, unearth new ideas on industry and the landscape with Formation, spend an hour watching In Free Fall and finally soak up the atmosphere with WATERLICHT which tells you the geological history of Winnats Pass.

For Mini Explorers we recommend making a visit to the festival site on Saturday 23rd September. If you are looking for something fun and adventure packed? Roam the wild in our augmented exhibition My Wall is Your Filter Bubble, don your virtual reality goggles in We Dwell Below, take a guided musical tour in Heavy Metal Detector, and hark back to your childhood in the cult classics The Goonies.

For the Movie Spelunker – make sure you catch our subterranean spelunker Horror Movie double bill. Be transported to another dimension with We Dwell Below, go treasure hunting in Where is Rocky II? and catch interactive video game Everything in our roving cinema caravan.