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Mon 31st Oct 2011

ROMEO ECHO DELTA was a new sound project by artists Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard. Commissioned and produced especially for AND, it…


Romeo Echo Delta \ Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard (2011)

Mon 31st — Mon 31st Oct 2011
Sat 1st Oct 2011

Bringing new meaning to the phrase “cult of the new celebrity”, As-Salam wal Hub will see her remake a small army of volunteers in the image of a man loved and hated in equal measure in Liverpool, Ringo Star.


As-Salam wal Hub \ Oreet Ashery (2011)

Sat 1st Oct 2011
Fri 30th Sep 2011

Pigs Bladder Football was a year long programme of artistic enquiry aiming to reconnect us with traditional craft and lost knowledge. The…


Pigs Bladder Football \ John O’Shea (2011)

Fri 30th — Sun 2nd Oct 2011
Transparent Cities
Thu 29th Sep 2011

Commissioned in 2011 Transparent Cities was a conceptual project by Paulo Cirio concerning contemporary surveillance technologies and their related social implications. An inverse…


Transparent Cites \ Paolo Cirio (2011)

Thu 29th — Sun 2nd Oct 2011