Sat 25th Oct 2014

Abandon Normal Devices has embarked on a European adventure with a host of new partners.

This two year project which will include a variety of works by media artists, activists and creators, who traverse the frontiers of contemporary art, radical entertainment and amateur invention.

Watch out as open calls, commissions and exhibitions will reveal themselves over the coming months.

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Masters & Servers

Sat 25th Oct — Mon 1st Aug 2016
Sat 25th Oct 2014

AND and Link Art Center and are proud to present a new online commission by artist Addie Wagenknecht on the LinkCabinet.

The project will launch on the October 25 as part of our programme The Lost Hour programme, with a visual investigation on the notion of surveillance and the role of group thinking around public decisions to reveal or conceal private information.

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This Connection is Untrusted (2014)

Sat 25th Oct — Sat 22nd Nov 2014
Sat 25th Oct 2014

Set the timer and get ready because on the eve of Daylight Saving Time we ask artists and audiences:

“If you could get away with it, what would you do with the hour that gets lost?”

On October 25 we launch a month long programme of activity featuring dares, performances and a durational exhibition online.

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The Lost Hour

Sat 25th Oct — Sat 22nd Nov 2014
Sat 25th Oct 2014

AND and The Influencers are teaming up with the internationally renowned icon of underground culture John Law and explorer Julia Solis to set a provocation to a new generation of creative troublemakers.

Collaborators will draw from a rich history of culture jamming, activism and anarchic pranks, to set a challenge through system of online nominations.

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The Challenge

Sat 25th Oct — Thu 27th Nov 2014
Sun 5th Oct 2014

AND intends to set TRES loose upon the waterways and canals of Northern England, where they will be free to research waste as an archaeological subject.

They will be considering how what we discard can be used to tell fresh stories, and producing a new work which could evolve in any direction ready for exhibition in March 2015.

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Canal Residency (2014)

Sun 5th Oct — Fri 31st Oct 2014
Fri 3rd Oct 2014

As part of our Watch the Skies! programme we presented a new live soundtrack by Oneohtrix Point Never for Koji Morimoto’s darkly stirring Magnetic Rose.

This was a one of performance and a world premiere.

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Watch the Skies! (2014)

Fri 3rd Oct — Sat 4th Oct 2014
Fri 1st Aug 2014

Research, share, argue and collaborate online and create responses to increasingly frequent natural, industrial, political, and economic disasters with Lucky Peirre.

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DIY Workshop: Lucky Pierre Free University (2014)

Fri 1st Aug — Wed 1st Oct 2014
Fri 27th Jun 2014

#filmdatahack embraces and exploits how audiences are changing the way they view, access and navigate cinema.

On the 27-29 June we are inviting cinephiles, software developers, app developers, information geeks, dreamers and graphic designers to use cinemetrics to envision this emerging landscape.

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AND HACK#1 – Film Data: For Our Viewing Pleasure (2014)

Fri 27th Jun — Sun 29th Jun 2014
Mon 9th Jun 2014

3 cities, 20 billion gallons of fresh water and an unlikely conspiracy to make a killing from climate change …

Experience our new online theatre commission that will traverse boundaries and borders too create digital theatre across the zero-degree line.

Launching online 18:00, 9 June 2014.

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LONGITUDE / Elastic Future & Hellicar & Lewis (US/UK-2014)

Mon 9th Jun — Mon 23rd Jun 2014