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Sat 1st Sep 2012 Ι 14:00 - 16:00

The talk will be an opportunity for artist John O’Shea to reflect on the two year journey of Pigs Bladder Football and share the research he has developed over this period.


21st Century Football / John O’Shea

Sat 1st — Sat 1st Sep 2012
Fri 31st Aug 2012 Ι 21:30 - Midnight

In the Australian wasteland, cyncial drifter Max (Mel Gibson) rediscovers a sliver of his shattered humanity, when he helps an embattled colony of pioneers fight off bandits who are after that most precious of commodities: ‘guzzline’.


Empire Drive-In presents: Mad Max II – Road Warrior

Fri 31st — Fri 31st Aug 2012
Thu 30th Aug 2012

Part of Empire Drive-In Dir. Brent Green / US 2010 / 71 mins / In English / Cert TBA / With Live…


Empire Drive-In presents: Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then

Thu 30th — Thu 30th Aug 2012
Wed 29th Aug 2012

In a dystopic, crime ridden Detroit, a newly transfered police officer is remade into an indestructible cybernetic cop after being dismembered by a gang of thugs in an abandoned warehouse.


Empire Drive-In presents: Robocop

Wed 29th — Wed 29th Aug 2012