Fri 19th Nov 2021 Ι 10:00 - 20:00 (11:00 - 21:00 AMS) daily

Originally commissioned for AND Festival 2021, Maxwell Mutanda and Hakeem Adam’s One-Fifth of the Earth’s Surface has been selected for DocLab: Liminal…

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One-Fifth of the Earth’s Surface \\ International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA)

Fri 19th Nov — Sun 28th Nov 2021
Ongoing Ι 12pm - 11:45pm (UTC+1)

To mark the final day of AND Festival 2021, we ran our online programme of AV performances, music, talks and films that…

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Closing Tide: All Day Broadcast

Sun 11th Jul 2021
Thu 8th Jul 2021 Ι 7pm - 8pm

Artist and architect Kate Davies was joined in conversation by marine biologist Steve Simpson to talk about her AND Festival 2021 commission…

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Deeper: Kate Davies

Thu 8th Jul 2021
Sun 4th Jul 2021 Ι

This broadcast event was followed by a Q&A, with questions submitted via YouTube chat, within our Live Channel. In Sustaining Uncertainty, we’re…

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Resurface: Sustaining Uncertainty

Sun 4th Jul 2021
Black, blue and green graphic with Radio Ensemble written in white
Thu 1st Jul 2021 Ι 7pm - 8pm

This week’s conversation connects across the oceans with Indonesia-based curator Ignatia Nilu, exploring ideas behind the presentation of Radio Ensemble at AND…

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Deeper: Ignatia Nilu \\ Radio Ensemble

Thu 1st Jul 2021
Sun 27th Jun 2021 Ι

The world has changed. The audience was led through an interactive performance by making choices through an online poll to find out…

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Sun 27th Jun 2021
Thu 24th Jun 2021 Ι

The speculative future artist and director Anita Fontaine joined AND Creative Director Luke W Moody to talk about the ideas, research and…

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Deeper: Anita Fontaine

Thu 24th Jun 2021
Water crashing on rocks
Wed 23rd Jun 2021 Ι

Scalarama Merseyside presented an evening focused on water activism on film, using local footage on the historical misuse of water and the…

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Headwaters \\ Turbulent Flow

Wed 23rd Jun 2021
Sun 20th Jun 2021 Ι

In this talk, representatives from the Hypericum Working Group introduced the Hypericum: A Code of Practice, a long-term research project developing a…

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Resurface: Hypericum: A Code of Practice

Sun 20th Jun 2021