AND Festival 2010 (Autumn) \\ Manchester, UK \\ 01 – 07 October 2010

Artists and filmmakers demonstrated ideological and sexual dissidence, through politically deconstructed networks, archives and reconfigured stereotypes. Through exploring the behaviour and systems that define us, our identity is pulled in and out of focus generating new perspectives on our trust in science and technology… AND Festival 2010 (Autumn) was a week long feast for curious minds and disillusioned spirits.


Artist, coder, hacker, mathematician, sound designer, DJ and VJ, Daito Manabe redefines the existent media and technologies for his unique perspective. Converting…

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The Face Visualiser \ Daito Manabe (2010)

Sun 3rd Oct 2010

During the private view of UnSpooling – Artists & Cinema, Harald Smykla performed a new Movie Protocol, in which the artist records…

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Movie Protocol \ Harold Smykla (2010)

Thu 1st Oct 2009