AND Festival 2009 \\ Liverpool, UK \\ 23 – 27 September

Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival premiered in 2009, welcoming audiences to experience the best in new cinema and media art in a celebration that spilled from screens and galleries into the streets and imaginations of Liverpool. AND created a space where artists and filmmakers could offer striking new perspectives, and visitors could enjoy, discuss and interact with ideas, in a festival that questioned the normal and championed a different approach. Audiences were told to expect an eclectic array of screenings, installations, online projects, public realm interventions, workshops and live events, with a distinctive emphasis on ideas and discussion.

Thu 24th Sep 2009

AND and the Bluecoat teamed up to work with three artists, selected for their interest in live art, expanded cinema and leftfield…

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Artists at Work \ Rules and Regs (2009)

Thu 24th Sep — Fri 25th Sep 2009

Nearly 100 years after DW Griffith’s epic Birth of a Nation was released, DJ Spooky (aka Paul D Miller) applied a “DJ…

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Rebirth of a Nation \ DJ Spooky (2009)

Fri 25th Sep 2009
Wed 23rd Sep 2009

AND was proud to present an exhibition and personal appearance by the renowned American artist Carolee Schneemann, who took over Tate Liverpool’s…

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Precarious \ Carolee Schneemann (2009)

Wed 23rd Sep — Sun 27th Sep 2009