AND Festival 2012  \\ Manchester, UK \\ 29 August – 02 September

AND invited visitors to experience a festival that highlighted the complexities, gradations and anomalies encountered when we examine success as an ideal. AND Festival 2012 continued to be as much about work evolving over time, artists experimenting, and setting ambitious parameters, as it was about finished exhibitions. The experience of success can be fleeting and addictive. Through unusual strategies, the artists and filmmakers presenting in the festival revealed alternative ways of being by offering rich counterpoints to perfection and undermining accepted logic.

Thu 30th Aug 2012

Iraqi American artist Wafaa Bilal is known internationally for his controversial online, performative and interactive works. For his latest project Bilal continues this trend, making a traditional public square home to a very different kind of monument: a giant, inflatable representation of Technoviking.

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Meme Junkyard: Technoviking / Wafaa Bilal (2012)

Thu 30th Aug — Sun 2nd Sep 2012

The train project is an ongoing body of speculative investigation into the language and aesthetics of transport culture by artists HeHe. They…

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M-Blem: the train project / HeHe (2012)

Wed 29th Aug 2012

The Inventory is a fanzine compilation of digital artefacts produced online, seeking to explore the relationship between user-generated content and the ways in…

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The Inventory / Peter Martin and Orla Foster (2012)

Wed 29th Aug — Sun 2nd Sep 2012