AND produces, develops and stages one of the biggest media arts festivals in the UK. Travelling to and mapping a different terrain every occurrence, AND Festival is a rehearsal space and catalyst for new models of working. The programme invites new ways of seeing the world through re-negotiating our relationship to place featuring live cinema events, installations, online projects, residencies, public realm interventions exhibitions, performances, games and apps.

Bodies intertwined against white background
Sat 12th Jun 2021 Ι

This new edition of Beginningless Mind activated embodied knowledge through movement, in an ongoing collaboration with 33EMYBW, J.G. Biberkopf (Gediminas Zygus) and Jayson Haebich, and an…

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Beginningless Mind: (rivers, rhythms, rituals) \\ Marija Bozinovska Jones

Sat 12th Jun 2021

Turbidity curated by Angela YT Chan [26 mins] Turbidity – the amount of solid particles that are suspended in water and that…

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New Cinema Shorts \\ Angela YT Chan: Turbidity

Fri 9th Jul 2021
Fri 25th Jun 2021 Ι 7pm - 8pm

RIOT curated by Tendai John Mutambu.  Riot / John Akomfrah / 1999 / 50 min Curated by Tendai John Mutambu, we are…

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New Cinema Shorts \\ Tendai John Mutambu: RIOT

Fri 25th Jun — Fri 2nd Jul 2021
Fri 11th Jun 2021 Ι 7pm

Counterflows curated by Matt Turner [63 mins] Moving like the tides, shifting shapelessly, the works in this programme reflect the flow of…

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New Cinema Shorts \\ Matt Turner: Counterflows

Fri 11th Jun — Fri 18th Jun 2021
Old black coin on green background
Sun 13th Jun 2021 Ι

Link to text – All Power to the {Historical} Imagination! by McKenzie Wark Follow – Collective Reading: From Modes of Production to…

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Resurface: Countercontrol – A reading group with Black Swan

Sun 13th Jun 2021
Sun 30th May 2021 Ι

Celebrating the opening of AND Festival, we invited you to our open gathering to meet commissioned artists and the Abandon Normal Devices…

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Resurface: Abandon Normal Gathering

Sun 30th May 2021
Woman in field smiling
Sun 6th Jun 2021 Ι

The cultural shift required to address the climate crisis calls on the cultural sector to look closely at the sites of ecocide…

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Resurface: Suzanne Dhaliwal

Sun 6th Jun 2021
Sun 4th Jul 2021 Ι

This broadcast event was followed by a Q&A, with questions submitted via YouTube chat, within our Live Channel. In Sustaining Uncertainty, we’re…

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Resurface: Sustaining Uncertainty

Sun 4th Jul 2021
Thu 10th Jun 2021 Ι

Coinciding with the launch of WetLab, a new commission situated at the National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port, Rhianon Morgan-Hatch and Carlotta…

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Deeper: WetLab

Thu 10th Jun 2021