AND produces, develops and stages one of the biggest media arts festivals in the UK. Travelling to and mapping a different terrain every occurrence, AND Festival is a rehearsal space and catalyst for new models of working. The programme invites new ways of seeing the world through re-negotiating our relationship to place featuring live cinema events, installations, online projects, residencies, public realm interventions exhibitions, performances, games and apps.

Bodies intertwined against white background
Sat 12th Jun 2021 Ι 8pm - 9pm

The new edition of Beginningless Mind activates embodied knowledge through movement, in collaboration with choreographer Franka Marlene Foth. In search of a…

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Beginningless Mind: (rivers, rhythms, rituals) \\ Marija Bozinovska Jones

Sat 12th Jun 2021
Ongoing Ι 12pm - 11:45pm (UTC+1)

To mark the final day of AND Festival 2021, we ran our online programme of AV performances, music, talks and films that…

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Closing Tide: All Day Broadcast

Sun 11th Jul 2021
Fri 9th Jul 2021 Ι 8pm

In Weedweavers, the radical Dutch curatorial collective New Emergences present collaborative workshops and a live performance led by artists Angeliki Diakrousi, mariĆ«lle…

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Weedweavers \\ New Emergences: Performance

Fri 9th Jul 2021
Sat 10th Jul 2021 Ι 8pm

  In this audiovisual broadcast, artist Aura Satz collaborates with electroacoustic composer Sarah Davachi to sonically haunt a decommissioned coal fired power…

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The Grief Interval \\ Aura Satz with Sarah Davachi

Sat 10th Jul 2021
Sat 26th Jun 2021 Ι 8pm - 9pm

YaYa Bones (Ayesha Tan Jones) streams Ether through the ethernet in this live audiovisual broadcast; a symbiosis of operatic siren calls and…

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ricEntropy \\ YaYa Bones x 00

Sat 26th Jun 2021
Fri 22nd Sep 2017

James Ferraro // The Deluge Set in a nightmarish simulation of humanity – a Brueghelian underground – musician and critical futurist James…

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James Ferraro & Nkisi \ Listening to the Dark Evening Event (2017)

Fri 22nd Sep 2017

Dopplereffekt is one of the strangest and most mysterious units on the electronic music scene today. Only a handful of interviews with…

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Dopplereffekt Presents: Neutrino (2011)

Fri 30th Sep 2011

Artist, coder, hacker, mathematician, sound designer, DJ and VJ, Daito Manabe redefines the existent media and technologies for his unique perspective. Converting…

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The Face Visualiser \ Daito Manabe (2010)

Sun 3rd Oct 2010

During the private view of UnSpooling – Artists & Cinema, Harald Smykla performed a new Movie Protocol, in which the artist records…

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Movie Protocol \ Harold Smykla (2010)

Thu 1st Oct 2009
Sat 10th Apr 2010 Ι 14:00

Improv Everywhere are experienced at causing scenes of chaos and joy in public places and with their help we reclaimed the Blackburn streets in a flashmob spectacle.

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MP3 Experiment \ Improv Everywhere (2010)

Sat 10th Apr 2010
Thu 18th Mar 2010 Ι 19:00, 21:00

Theatre group Imitating the Dog wowed with their part-musical, part-dream play, Tales from the Bar of Lost Souls, a magical story of…

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Tales from the Bar of Lost Souls \ Imitating the Dog (2010)

Thu 18th Mar 2010
Thu 24th Sep 2009

AND and the Bluecoat teamed up to work with three artists, selected for their interest in live art, expanded cinema and leftfield…

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Artists at Work \ Rules and Regs (2009)

Thu 24th Sep — Fri 25th Sep 2009